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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Andrew and Kathy Judson - Registered Nutritionist
Meet Andrew and Kathy

Registered Holistic Nutritionists

Certified Fitness Coaches

Parents to Hadley and June

Having met at at the CanfitPro Fitness Conference in Toronto in 2011, this couple (also sometimes referred to as that nutrition couple) joined forces first as a business duo, sharing the same passion for helping people see their potential. Their roots are in fitness and they have a great deal of experience with helping individuals with weight loss, without strict or fad dieting. With over 30 years combined in the industry, their fitness foundations led them to expand their journey to studying the complexities of nutrition and its impact on health and healing. Their focus continues to be on using their skill-sets to help individuals live their best lives, through improving digestion, increasing nutrient uptake and enhancing absorption, and using each individual's unique symptoms to determine nutritional deficiencies, thereby pinpointing their specific nutrient needs. They believe the body has the power to heal itself if given the chance, so they hope to help each individual uncover that opportunity. 

Custom Meal Planning Experts


Whether you're hoping to drop some body fat or improve your immunity, our meal plans are custom made to your food preferences and unique individual needs. If seeking meal planning for weight loss or even weight gain, please complete our intake form for "Weight Management" and we'll get you a nutrition plan within 48 hours. If seeking nutrient support for specific health conditions and concerns, kindly see our extended health intake form to download, complete and send it back to us to receive your meal plan and report. 

Individual, Family & Group Nutrition Counselling


We provide initial individual assessments for FREE and help your decide which program is best for your needs and budget. We offer one on one individual coaching sessions over the phone, workplace nutrition workshops, and also family consulting. Our most popular programs are our monthly weight management meal planning and support programs, as well as alternative health nutrition planning, which provides a symptomology assessment and report with appropriate meal planning to support the body systems in most need of nutrients. 

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