Detox Tuesday



This is an option for those who want to improve your results through directly improving the efficiency of your digestive organs. How do we do that you say? By giving them a rest from all the things that make them work hard; namely dairy, legumes, meats, and caffeine. No processed foods, dressings, or shakes on this day. 

*** This is a general cleanse. Some individuals may need amore specific and customized protocol that this cleanse does not include. Your participation in this cleanse is at your own risk, and by participating, you fully recognize that you have not been individually assessed prior to beginning. If you’d like a free individual assessment of your unique and specific nutritional and detox needs, please reach out and one will be provided at your request.


Important Note

***Note that this cleanse is not representative of our lifestyle nutrition plans. Cleanses KICKSTART the efficacy or your organ function and can feel challenging for many. You are meant to do them with rest, doing yoga or walking only. Depending on your level of toxicity, you may experience detox symptoms such as a headache, fatigue and irritability. These often pass by day 3 but listen to your body. If you experience detox symptoms you may need a more customized and supervised protocol. Detox baths and 3-4 litres of water helps move the toxins out of your body. Once complete, your body will be ready to absorb the nutrients we provide on a lifestyle nutrition plan after restoring some of the efficiency of your

digestive organs.


  • Eliminate all sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meats, dairy and legumes for 24 hours

  • Eat vegetables, fruit and nuts and seeds only. 90% vegetables, 5% fruit earlier in the day, 5% nuts and seeds. Eat as much vegetables as you’d like

  • Use apple cider and olive or flax oil drizzled to top your vegetables.

  • Dry brush before bathing

  • Hot bath with 3 cups Epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda to increase detoxification 

  • Walking only today

  • No decaf coffee, no caffeinated drinks, try dandelion tea or decaf green tea

  • Lots of leafy greens, and hearty steamed vegetables like, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower for dinner. 

  • Drink more than enough pure water 3+litres roughly

  • If you’re new to a regular lifestyle nutrition plan you may want to wait a week or two before adding in this extra step.

  • Depending on level of toxicity and addiction to sugar and caffeine, you may feel lethargic, have a headache, feel nauseous. It’s important to rest if you feel this way. These are normal feelings. Try to use them to turn them to feelings of gratitude for the foods you eat everyday. Remember that you’re eating healthy vegetables and its not the addition of them that cause the turmoil in your body, but the removal of the foods the things your body doesn’t need that cause the difficulty. Tuesdays become easier over time. 

  • Everyone’s experience on a detox day is different. If you have strong feelings that you’re unwell best to go back eating the regular lifestyle plan as you may be highly toxic and require more supervised care from a health practitioner

  • You partake in this generalized cleanse at your owe risk and understand that the cleanse day has not been customized to you specifically and is intended for those in good health. If you have a disease or medical condition known or unknown you should not participate but should request a more detailed "Extended Health Evaluation" which I offer as well. Otherwise, stick to your individual lifestyle plan. (All things I legally need to say. :-)) 

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