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Health Habit

     Transformation Challenge

SweatBank and Additional Nutritional are joining forces once again to provide the #1 RESULTS based program that fosters and supports HEALTHY HABIT Formation.

We are a family-based, local business that works directly to EDUCATE you by providing resources and tools for better daily health habits, SUPPORTS you as you implement new routines in your nutrition, fitness, water intake, sleep ++, and MOTIVATES you by creating fun and safe communities and large CASH prizes. 
6 Uniquely Customized Done-For-You Nutrition Phases 

Custom meal and snack schedule, with design rooted in nutrient timing that is based on your daily routines and food preferences

Phase by Phase Progress Tracking

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collectionPoints system for evidence of new Health Behaviours, side by side monthly photos, graphs displaying monthly fat losses

Grocery Lists, CookBooks and Recipes

Save money at the grocery store by buying only what you need with your custom made grocery list. Access to hundreds of healthy recipes including plant based and traditional cookbooks

Access to Workouts Yoga and Mobility Training , Anytime and Anywhere 

Get Free access to hundreds of workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere, with options for body weight based or dumbbell based exercise with options for beginner through advanced

Huge Prize to Increase Motivation and Reward Consistency

Earn points for showing that you're being consistent with your new habits. The top 10 point scorers will be peer evaluated for the Grand Prize based on evidence of Health Habit Transformation.

Support and Accountability

Not only will you have the support of your Health Coaches, Kathy and Andrew Judson, but you will have the immense support of the community who are all on the journey with you! 

Weekly Group Detox Days

Detoxify gently every Tuesday to help stimulate digestion, detoxify and invigorate your body.  

Weekly Check Ins

Track and report your weekly success to your coaches with all aspects of your health, including nutrition, water intake, alcohol, caffeine, sleep habits etc etc.