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I'm so torn which path to take...literally. I've done a very general mapping of which way we can and should travel. Would love your input. Starting this trip in the middle of the country makes it tough. Before Winter hits, we have to decide to go either East or West...and not both...yet. One will be left for Spring adventures. I've never driven to either but have been both directions by plane. Most Atlantic provinces are still closed to Ontario residents, so our toes in the Autumn Atlantic would be through Quebec and the Gaspe peninsula. There are advantages going either direction. Hear me out, and tell me what I'm missing maybe. If going East, we get to see all the beautiful fall colours, we get to practice our French and deeply explore places a little bit longer (since there is slightly less ground to cover). If we go West, we get the Rocky Mountains, family visits with multiple Judson's along the way and a few friends. Likely more english speaking gyms to meet and affiliate with as well. Which way would you go? Which would you save for the Spring? I'm leaning one direction but I think Andrew may be leaning the other. Help us decide.

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