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The Nomad Mom Files - 3 weeks to go!

With this first entry, starts the pre-journey, or the pre-nomadic preparation, if you will, to a 3.5 month adventure (maybe more) across Canada during a pandemic with my husband, children and internet-based business all in tow.

Why am I doing this you may ask? Take any adventurous person, lock them indoors for 3 months, and this is the result! I need an adventure. I need to feel alive. It is a scary time right now and I can no longer sit at home and watch the news and wait for an end to this. I have to take the crap that this situation has given us (fear, loss of business, loss of job security, and loss of safety and normalcy at school) and turn it into something good....great even! My husband and I now work in the same business from home. My children are now doing school work from home. Its time to connect with family and with nature, to shift from waiting and wanting to exploring and making memories. We are given only so many years on this Earth and 2020 being one of them, is in need of some serious tweaking to turn it around.

Before I had children, I lived as "Guide" in Europe. I spent 6 solid years of travelling all around the world, so I'm ready for more and now feels like the perfect time. My kids are the right age. My dog is so much cooler when we are on an adventure....And I am also so much cooler when we're on an adventure now that I think of it!

So much to be done, but we've gotten some prep underway. We traded in two vehicles for one that hauls and tows. We bought a small 21 foot trailer that we love, rented out our home through Air B and B until December 15th. Its happening! Now its time to pack up our personals, make our home viable for another family to enjoy, minimize our lives in order to fit into a 21 foot space, and plan a route that will ensure we are safe, have internet (in order to serve our clientele with the same precision as usual) and see this great and immense country. 3 weeks to go!

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