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Week 1 in the Books - Algonquin Park

We spent the entire week in Algonquin at the Lake of Two Rivers and had a blast. We shared this time with some family and friends who joined us. Provincial parks have crazy new Covid rules about not showering or washing your clothes (this makes zero sense!) so despite having a great time, we were all very dirty and looking forward to cleaner days. These first few days of our trip were particularly tough since we had no amenities for multiple days. No electrical, no water hook up, and no sewage. It also rained 3 of the 6 days which made it dark in the trailer, and less appealing to swim and get clean.

Interestingly, it seems that every day presents a new issue to troubleshoot. No matter what it is in the trailer, it stops working or needs attention to get it to work.

We are now in North Bay for 2 nights. We have the girls' 2 sets of grandparents here to see us off which is a nice treat....they are also good at troubleshooting.

Next, we are headed to Lake Superior Provincial Park and Sault Ste Marie area for a one night stop over.

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