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Week 10 - Calgary, Drumheller/Badlands, Brooks, Alberta, Regina Saskatchewan and Brandon Manitoba.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Homeward bound! This week has been a slow and steady voyage in the direction of home, stopping along the way to visit with various family members of Andrew. It has been so nice to see his family. A week of cozy warm beds, elaborate feasts and being taken care of! And the timing couldn't have been better as our temperature got down to minus 22. Apparently Calgary saw it's coldest October since the 90s. We assumed that we'd leave the weather behind us in Canada's coldest city, but our journey eastward continues to be snow covered.

We were lucky enough to be able to bring the girls to the badlands! Admittedly, it wasn't just for them. I've been dying to go for a long time. I passed through Brooks 8 years ago with Andrew and had no idea how close it was to his family's place. The actual dinosaur bones were of course pretty awesome, but I think I was more amazed by the landscape of the Badlands themselves. Like my favourite places in B.C., they are dry desert lands that appear when you least expect to see them. What's even more cool is that they appear as sort of reverse mountains. You can drive along for hours and see nothing but flat Prairie land, then it dramatically changes to seemingly endless craters that make you feel like you're walking around Mars.

This week's cold kept us inside for much of it, allowing us to catch up with family besides a few hiking adventures. Not much to report. We only had one night in our trailer and the cold, as well as the useless plumbing made for some interesting dish washing and long treks to the public bathrooms. Roughing it is coming to an end soon, and I'm confidant that the inconveniences will turn to fond memories.

We have seen a few cool animals this week. A dead moose :-(, a gorgeous wolf walking through a Prairie field, and last night a Lynx or bob cat. My first time seeing one of those and Sadie chased it not knowing really what she was chasing.

Just two weeks and we'll be home. Our tenants in Windsor coincidentally need out a bit early so it works outs perfectly. We will be home November 15.

This week will be a long trek across Ontario. Northern Ontario is quite beautiful but also quite desolate. Lots of abandoned restaurants and businesses along the way. There are only two campgrounds opened between the Western border of Ontario and home. We plan to stay in hotels if we have to and make things as pleasurable and adventurous as we can. We have to likely stay put in Thunder Bay 2 days to get our newest program off the ground, but we will see. The cellular network is so unreliable in Ontario and it's important that we get the majority of the workload done while stopped.

We'll make our way all the way to Colborne this week (East of Toronto, but West of Kingston) where we'll stay with Andrew's parents and continue to explore all that that gorgeous area has to offer (read wineries and breweries), and might even get in a much needed date night with Andrew. We've been within arm's reach of my girls for the last 10 weeks. We're all looking forward to Grandparents!!

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