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Week 2 of 14 - North Bay, Lake Superior, Marathon and Thunder Bay

From some reason it feels like this week was the "real" start to our journey. Two things happened that made this feel more like the "Canada Trip" debut; namely, we waved goodbye to our family (lots of tears from the girls here which stung a little) and we reached the Trans Canada highway. Admittedly, the fact that this hwy is sooooo far from where I live makes me feel like we're not really a part of Canada. It stretches all across this beautiful country but is nowhere near the South. When we reached North Bay, a.k.a The Gateway to the North, this trip felt much more real.

Our daily troubleshooting seems to have dimished. We've figured a lot of things out by now (only took us two weeks!), but it has rained 60% of the time. It has been, what I would call, late October weather since we left. Cold, sporadic rain showers most days and really chilly nights. Makes me wonder if October weather will really feel like November weather. We have been sporting gloves, toques and coats already.

So much beauty so far. North Bay was less than impressive though. Seemed like a smaller version of a town that crosses Hamilton and Windsor. But, the highway thereafter followed Lake Superior through gorgeous rolling hills, with sprawling lake views along the way. We had a gypsy stay off the side of the highway one night. There was a fire pit there so we weren't the only ones. It had stunning private lake access and was a blessing not to have to pay the overnight campground fee, but I was happy the following day to reconnect to the amenities of the campground. Yesterday was very windy and rainy so was not as fun as the previous day. Had us both on guard while driving.

Marathon was a really cute and clean little town. I would have stayed an extra day had I not already booked in Thunder Bay. Normally, I wouldn't book in advance to keep our plans free to stay longer where we are content, but it's Labour Day weekend and I was worried things would be booked up early. I imagine that this will be the last weekend where there is an abundant amount of campers sharing the campground with us.

We're here in Thunder Bay until Saturday or Sunday. Then we're moving on to Vermillion Bay for a few days. This is where Andrew grew up. It's closer to the Manitoba boarder and a good 24 hour drive from Windsor, which is why I've never seen it. Im excited to see where he's from and better understand why he calls Ottawa, Southern Ontario.

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