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Week 3 of 14 - Vermillion Bay, Arden, Manitoba, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

What a fun week! After a reset in Thunder Bay we headed to VB to stay with a longtime friend of Andrew's. He owns a gorgeous Hunting Lodge on Indian Lake and they generously gave us a cabin to stretch out in for a few days. The weather was really cold for early September but it was beautiful! We were fed beer daily and in excess and we did some walleye fishing. Ive never had a fishing experience before where you could consistently pull fish out of the water every 10 minutes, so I can now cross that off my bucket list! It was unreal! There were barely minutes that passed before one of us had a fish biting.

For the second time on our trip, Sadiebear took off and left us worried whether she'd find her way back to us. It's awful losing your dog, especially when you're nowhere near home. I love leaving her off the leash because she's in the car with us all day and is so happy to run with the kids and be in nature with us rather than tied to a lead. She is so loyal....until she isn't. She goes off the leash for days and doesn't 't leave our side, so we think we're good. Then suddenly she's gone. This last time, we searched for over an hour. The girls were sobbing. I used a 1/4 tank of gas trying to find her and we all lost our voices screaming her name. But, when she was ready, she came back! However, she's now lost her freedom privileges. We're heading into Grizzly country soon. Sorry Sadiebear.

We did a lot of driving this week, crossing two times zones with a few 9 hour driving stints. We were refused accommodations a few times in Manitoba because we were from East of Terrace Bay, Ontario. This seems overly cautious to me since we stay in a self contained trailer and don't use public bathrooms or showers with a water connection...not to mention that most campgrounds are empty now. In Saskatchewan, masks are more rare in shops but the whole laundry thing is still an issue. Impossible to find a place to wash your clothes for fear of transmission in the washing tubs...Doesn't the virus die in warm water and soap? And also high heat from the dryer? I'm so confused with this thing but this blog isn't about that thankfully.

School has more officially started. Both girls have such different learning styles and teaching them while in the front seat of a vehicle is not ideal, but I'm still convinced that they are getting a great education from this experience, even if they didn't have my math and language lessons. I'm proud to say that they haven't touched an iPad or my phone in over 9 months and have used their imaginations and their eyes to learn new things in their environment. They did those long drives like champs! They asked for more work in their work books, looked out the windows, and asked great questions. Maybe they will be behind the rest of their future class in tech when its time to go back to school, but they will be advanced in their social development I'm hoping, as nothing is more socially damaging than a child addicted to their device. When they used to use them last year, I couldn't stand how they interacted with me and each other. Tech zombies! So I got rid of them and have never been more pleased with my decision....but maybe I'm just old and out of touch and again....this blog isn't about that lol.

So we're in Saskatoon today (which is a beautiful city from what I've seen so far) staying at the Gordon Howe Campground and Training facilities. Being here motivates the old athlete in me. We were in Arden, Manitoba the night before last which felt like something out of a Western crossed with The Twilight Zone. Tomorrow we have another loooong drive to Edmonton. The question is, how long do we stay? Is it nice and worthy of a few days? Or should we keep going and stay longer in Jasper?

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