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Week 5 - Lake Louise, Revelstoke

Not sure I'm in an ideal mood to be writing but I will try to keep the content as clean and swear-free as possible. :-) Its actually not so bad. I'm jokingly complaining but its really all small potatoes. But, I can say that this week may have been one of the trickier weeks we've had. I've always said I'm so lucky in so many ways! For the little stuff though, I stumble upon a lot of minor annoying obstacles. I'll take them though. Still grateful that my issues are minor. This week, we learned that our furnace at home has been was fixed, then leaked again...and then again, and apparently has been leaking ever since we left. Water water everywhere!! And on the same day of learning this, our RV furnace started blowing cold air, I'm not sure what the weather is like where you are, but here, the furnace is much needed. So we had to organize a repairman here, and one at home, all on the same day. Home is hopefully fixed (but I'm still waiting for that text that tells me otherwise) and the one in the RV needs a part....which no one around here can find.

On top of this, Revelstoke is a Rainforest and therefore has been dumping cold rain nonstop since we arrived. So much rain! The condensation in the trailer without heat, has been accumulating and it is literally raining inside the trailer now. Drip, drip, drip, from the windows and walls and a handful from the ceiling vents.

The irony is that we finally found a place that had more than 2 days available and had laundry machines, strong wifi, sewer, electrical and water. Sign us up for a week, we said!!! ...then cue the non-stop rain!! The girls and the dog are bouncing off the walls. Im so looking forward to getting on the road out of here and making it to our next western stop, Kamloops. So far they've had sunny skies and should next week as well.

On a positive note, Lake Louise was stunning! I've been twice before, but this time we stayed in the national park. It was quiet and unbelievably beautiful. The girls did some long hikes around Lake Moraine and Lake Louise and loved every minute. It was like watching them Christmas morning when they saw the blue lakes for the first time. Jaws dropped in shock and they ran at them in disbelief that water could be so blue. It was pretty awesome to witness. They've also had field trips to the Railway museum and spent an exciting afternoon in the Enchanted Forest (which I found a little creepy but they really enjoyed). The rain meant lots of schooling. They are getting much better at reading and are quick with addition and subtraction now. If all they learn in my version of Grade 1 is a solid love of reading I'm a happy road schooler.

That's all for this week. Cross your fingers for me that we stay warm and that my home(s) stay dry. We need to find that part and need to have a place to send it. Bring on the SUN on Monday!

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