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Week 7 - Whistler and Vancouver

Technically this should mark the halfway point of our journey. I'm not really sure we're going to last 14 weeks. As I write this, campgrounds all around us are calling these the last days of the season and closing up on Tuesday. It's not impossible to find a year round campground, but it will take a lot more research moving forward. we'll see what happens. We have the next 2 weeks planned but not sure after that.

This past week was a bit more of a challenge to juggle work, school and travel. As a nutritionist and trainer, I work a few hours a day everyday, no matter whether if its a holiday or a weekend or not. It's a choice I make to work a little bit everyday, rather than to work a lot longer 5 days a week. I also don't have a choice when sometimes I need to give advice or answer questions that come in no matter what the day or time. But when I launch a new program, my work often triples. I had such amazing scenery in Whistler that it inspired a new program. The approaching Thanksgiving weekend means that many will need a little extra motivation to get back to healthy living afterwards, so I put together a little 7 day post TG program. So on top of the usual few hours, I added on filming, editing and program set up. I used to have an employee that helped with these things, but who can afford an employee in these crazy times! So we'll just say that the girls did a lot more "self study" than usual. On a side note, I've been bribing them to read with bubble gum. It was a last resort for me. One of my daughters, who struggles a little more with it, says she "hates reading." Well, gum works folks! Since starting this, they are now reading on their own to each other voluntarily without prompting or the need for a gum reward. Yay!

Whistler was awesome! Loved our campsite! You couldn't ask for a better view! We did some strolling through the village and a couple good hikes, one where there were ancient cedars at the top of a mountain. Such a great thing for the girls to experience.

In Vancouver we hit multiple obstacles. The campground was another one of those trailer parking lots though. Not much space, and everything was closed within due to covid. The second we arrived the hoist for our hitch malfunctioned, leaving us at the mercy of a random mechanic who walked past us with his dog and offered help getting the truck disconnected. However, he was unsuccessful so we had to locate a RV store and buy and install another.

I got to see an old friend from my childhood and his cutie kids, which was great! He had the furnace part that I ordered, but I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that it was not the right part and didn't fit, so we are still without heat. There were two full days that we worked hours on end and troubleshot trailer issues so I feel like we perhaps didn't see enough of Vancouver, but when we were out and about, I loved what I saw. Other than our long work days, we celebrated for making it all the way to the ocean! It was our ultimate destination, even though we never really planned on staying long. This is, and has always been, about the journey all along. The journey back promises to be just as adventurous.

We just arrived back to the desert but more South in the Okanagan Valley where we'll be for the next week. We have 4 nights in a gorgeous waterfront site in Peachland. Bring on the Harvest season in wine country! I'm ready!!

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