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Week 8 - PeachLand and Osoyoos

This past week may have been my favourite of them all. The desert is definitely my happy place in B.C. The mountains in some places in B.C. feel a bit restrictive to me because they're so big, if that makes any sense. They trap in the weather and take hours to get around. In the desert though, they are big enough to create beautiful back drops, provide moderate hikes and are manageable when driving through. They also allow the bad weather to escape. We did have some rain this week, but it was minimal and passed quickly. I truly loved everything about this region. It brought me back to my guiding days in the South of France. Super dry climate, great local food and wine and the smells of lavender and herbs everywhere. I've been longing for the South of France since I left 10 years ago, but I didn't know it existed in Canada. Why didn't I know this? I will definitely be back here.

The week started with a repair man fixing our furnace and he did so at a third the cost of the last guy who didn't fix it in Revelstoke. Yay! We have heat! And it looks like we'll need it. There's snow where we're going and the promises of minus 11 temps.

This week we had two waterfront views at our campsites! So lucky to have had these! We've been in some pretty shady parks but these were both gorgeous!

We almost went out for dinner for Thanksgiving and I'm so glad we didn't. I searched and searched for a small turkey around 10 lbs, but the smallest I found was 16lbs. It was tricky to make work. I had to make the room in my tiny trailer fridge, then thaw it out in our cooler. Then butcher it enough to fit into my Ninja Foodie. (Our trailer does not have an oven, like some.) I cooked it in two batches, white meat, then dark meat. With only two stovetop burners, I had to be crafty to keep the mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy hot and ready at the same time as the turkey. All in all, it was the best tasting Thanksgiving dinner I've ever made and it fed us for 6 meals afterward. I will certainly remember that one forever and I hope the girls will too.

As we slowly make our way back, and the negative temperatures stick, we realize we will not make all 14 weeks. We realistically have 2, maybe 3 weeks, maximum on the road remaining. After which we will ride out the remaining few weeks at our parents home until our own home becomes available to us again and is no longer occupied. For now, we have Nelson and Fernie this week, Calgary and Brooks next week, then the journey through central Canada and likely Ontario the first week of Nov. Unless we get lucky with a blast of warmer weather. You may be wondering why not just crank the furnace? It all comes down to our plumbing and the work load involved in protecting it. When I'm done writing this, we are headed out to create a makeshift winter skirt for the trailer so that we can place our heater under it during the freezing nights to potentially stop our water lines from bursting. This will hopefully work for the nights where it dips below zero for a few hours. However, we have some nights where it's minus double digits. We will have to blow out our lines each night (a pain in the ass), pour antifreeze into our toilets to flush etc. Doable, but definitely not what you want to do every night. Having running water is such luxury! We were hoping the freezing would come AFTER Halloween but it's already here, nice and early, and will therefore likely bring us back to Ontario the first week in November. It's in Mother Nature's hands. Let's see how she plays it out.

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