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Week 9 - Nelson and Fernie

What a dichotomy of hard and easy living week 9 was! Maybe a little more hard than easy, but who's counting really! We turned a corner the second we drove away from Osoyoos. In different circumstances, Nelson and Fernie might have been my favourite places to visit on this trip. So much beauty and really cool vibes in both towns. When we got to Nelson the cold rain started and life in the wet fog began, however. We spent a good chunk of time and money making a skirt for the trailer in the hopes we could prop a heater beneath to trap some heat, giving us more time with our plumbing. I got beneath the trailer on my back in the mud and wrapped up all the water lines, while Andrew fixed expensive outdoor velcro (which we ran out of and had to resort to duct tape in the end) and tarp to the sides of the trailer. Even though we rigged this up, the weather that was coming wouldn't allow us to keep our plumbing open. Negative double digits were looming and there wasn't much we could do about it. No matter which direction we travelled, our lines would freeze despite our efforts.

A funny thing happened though while we were working on the trailer; a person passed in his truck and stopped at the trailer next to ours. Andrew recognized him as his childhood friend from Vermillion Bay. His mom, also Andrew's grade 1 teacher, was in the trailer next to ours. Now this coincidental encounter gets even crazier! It turns out that this friend of Andrew's is also great friends with the one and only Windsor person that I know in Nelson and was planning on catching a beer with. So Andrew and I managed to have a visit with our two Nelson friends all at once. Two different sets of hometown kids all connected by chance in one place!

And thank God we realized that we knew our trailer neighbour, as Andrew and I were sweating it out trying to figure out how to winterize the trailer for the first time. We got some great help by his friend's dad, who helped us close up our plumbing before the weather came. Not only that, they let me do a load of laundry. Freshly cleaned laundry is such a gift when you have two rough-and-tumble girls camping 24/7 in cold, wet weather. So this is part of the easy living I was referring to. As small and simple as it was, it made my week having this kind of help.

I'm sure you can imagine the hard stuff. We stayed at a campground in Nelson that didn't have public restrooms, and we no longer had running water so things got tricky for a couple days. Brushing teeth in the snow and sleet and flushing our waste with antifreeze was interesting and just a great reminder of the things we take for granted.

When it was time to leave Nelson, thankfully our friends advised us NOT to take a road that we were going to take to Fernie. Apparently, the route I was planning to take was a mountainous road with hairpin turns and was covered in snow a few weeks ago already. It would have been much worse now! Had they not advised otherwise, I would have taken it instead of the delightful ferry we took across the Kootenay Lake avoiding a potentially dangerous road. ...Another gift.

Fernie was gorgeous and our last glimpse of those incredible, rugged Rockies. We didn't have nearly enough time there, having to leave before the blizzard and minus 22 temps hit, so I will be happy to go back and spend more time there in the future. The important things got done there however; a good hike, a stroll through town and a visit to the local craft brewery. Craft brew tasting has become a memorable way to experience the local culture where we're at. You can literally taste different parts of the country! But my liver will be happy when these places are in my rear view. We've kept it pretty clean on our travels and managed to eat well and workout regularly, but I have to admit that its hard to drive past a new and exciting local craft brewery without a sample :-)....and every good Canadian town these days seems to have one...or five. Soon enough I will be home making my green ginger juice instead, but for right now...Carpe diem! ....I wonder where the Calgary brewery is....?

This week will be Calgary, Brooks/Drumheller, and Regina as we make our slow way back toward Ontario. The speed of our travels will be dictated by the weather now. This week will be about catching up with family, but also a big work week. We have a Transformation Challenge that's coming to an end soon, and a brand new one launching on November 2. Yay! I love this time of year! So exciting to see who wins this cash prize, but also the opportunity to meet and chat with new clients eager to get healthy. The other half of our work has been meeting with new gym owners in each new place we go. So much carnage in our industry sadly. Many fitness spaces with sad signs on their doors that say "Closed until Further Notice" or those that are just dark and empty now. We have made some great partners along the way despite the closures. Hoping this second wave is kind to those who have survived this thus far.

Wow, did I ever go on a tangent! If you've read this far, thanks for listening. It's nice having you along for the ride!

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