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West is Best

Since my last post, I’ve jumped a few hurdles.

Imagine packing for a 3 month camping trip and moving your home at the same time. This is what I just went through. My home had visits from a locksmith, a plumber, an electrician, the water company and a general handy woman, all in the name of perfecting it for another family’s stay. This and not to mention calls to my mortgage company, insurance company and to the city of Windsor to ensure that I am actually allowed to rent my space out. Then, all personal items needed to be removed. On top of this, I had to run my business, train clients, pack and plan everything we’d need for a comfy stay, as well as plan a rough trajectory.

In the end, we chose Westward simply because there were less provincial Covid restrictions (at the time of making the decision). That’s not to say we won’t encounter any new ones that are set in place.

Our biggest obstacle will be avoiding freezing. The way back from the West will begin early October. There are only a handful of places to hook up your RV that are open past mid October. They exist but are more scarce. There may be days where we have many kms to go in between open campgrounds and if we get a really cold snap, we may have to blow out our plumbing lines early on the road. We’ve planned for the worst.

We’re day three in and have already stumbled upon a few mild challenges. Our first 6 day stop doesn’t have electrical, sewer or water. Thats ok, but despite dumping our sewer, aka black water tank, it reads as full.

I’ve also spent over an hour on the phone with AT&T troubleshootIng network issues. Our business is 100% mobile and online so I spent a good chunk of money on a data plan for our Jeep. I’ve also invested in a WiFi extender. Two days into the trip the Jeep WiFi disappears and the only solution is to return to the dealership to be repaired. Lots of fun!!

These aren't the typical outdoor living issues you’d expect, but they’re what I’m currently working on. Despite all the troubleshooting and hurdle jumping, we’re still having a blast and these are just the small bits that get soon forgotten. What lasts are the memories of this time spent together in this gorgeous country.

We are currently in Algonquin park. This is where our great adventures begin.

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